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Increase your Hog Production today

with Innovative Hog Feeding Equipment

 from A.J. O'Mara. 

The Feed-Ease line of Hog Feeders were designed for:

Efficiency,  Durability,

and Product Customization  

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Wet/Dry Feeders

Experience the Value Feeder Line and realize savings.

Use the Versatile FEED EASE Wet/Dry Feeder in:



 and Finishing Barns

 You will see great feed intake and rate of gain...which means

Fewer Days to Market!

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A.J. O'Mara Group
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    About A.J. O'Mara

    A.J. O'mara has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of hog equipment.  The proven reliability of our company continues to earn producer interest and satisfaction.  We are committed to providing equipment that is cutting edge and forward-looking...our bottom line is your "improved hog production."


    Benefits of Feed-Ease Products

    • High Quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel

    • Custom Made, Built to Last

    • Hog Activated with tremendous feed intake

    • Water and feed at the same location for maximized feed intake

    • Efficient Wean to Finish Operation

    • Affordable "Value" Wet/Dry Feeders Available

    • Excellent Feed Efficiency, less waste

    and so much more. . .

    Enhancements and Options

    Precise New Lever Adjustment:  helps maximize daily intake and gains while keeping feed waste to a minimum.  Our unique design keeps feed moving when the hogs are at the trough and keeps the feed fresh in the hopper when the paddles are inactive.

    New Drain System: 

    Value Line of Feeders:  offer the same efficient design with a very cost effective feature.  The trough and base are the same high quality 304 grade stainless steel.  The hoppers and dividers are made of economical appliance grade 430 stainless steel.

    Pit Fan Transitions:  arrive at the barn fully assembled and ready to go.  Pit Fan Transitions are fully welded to prevent seepage in case of a pit overflow.

    World Class Manufacturing

    We are a small company, but with big capabilities...with two quality manufacturing plants in the midwest, we provide top-quality feeders, unmatched anywhere in the world for efficiency and durability!


    We are flexible, innovative and willing to customize our feeders for ease of installation and use.  You will find our products of the highest quality, made out of High Quality 304 grade Stainless Steel.  Click here for more product information.

    FEED EASE Hog Feeders

    Wet/Dry Feeders

    Value Feeders

    Tube Feeders

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